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Fresh tracks

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There’s a sweet little secret that Whistler has burrowed away which is about to be exposed — while the rest of the Village slumbers, outside in the darkness, creeping their way to the chairlifts are diehard fans of virgin snow and culinary delights. Just who are these folks? They’re the ones who wake at the crack of dawn in order to load the Whistler Village Gondola and tackle the Fresh Tracks experience.

Fresh Tracks is quite simply all about being first – first to get up the mountain, first to have breakfast on top and first to slice up the snow before the mountain is open to the public.

They say breakfast is the feast of champions and a smorgasbord of food ample enough to fuel any snow adventure awaits you at the Roundhouse Lodge after you clamber out of the gondola at the top. And once ravenous appetites are sufficiently quelled, ears are pricked for the tell-tale clanging of the bell signalling the runs are open for the day. Then it’s time to behold the pure awesomeness of being the first to cruise down on fresh powder or corduroy snow on another captivating winter day at Whistler.

The brainchild of Wilf Seymour, the Roundhouse Lodge’s executive chef back in 1988-89, the program was created to feed the demand for people to get first tracks on a powder day, explains Jill Young, Whistler Blackcomb communications coordinator. And no one would argue that it continues to be unsurpassed as one of the best ways to embark on an extraordinary day on the slopes. Fresh Tracks runs from December through to April 2 with uploading starting at 7:15 a.m. Tickets are available at any Guest Relations desk and be warned: tickets do sell out so buy yours the day before and arrive early to line up.

Article published in the Vancouver Sun and Province newspapers on 28 January, 2014: