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I am blessed to have a Nan who is wonderfully talented in writing poetry and upon reflection after writing my last post, wherein I described my experiences growing up in a rural homestead, I realised (with some gentle prodding from the poet herself) that it would be important to share an excerpt from a poem she wrote about me.








As her mind wanders back to a fairy story of once upon a time,
There lived a family in Nova Scotia, Canada, it was so divine,
When a son and two daughters were born, who grew up together with love,
For the wonderful country, the mountains, the forests, the heavens above,
The snow in the winter, the ice they could skate on, the amazing wild life,
There were lots of cats who followed them into the forest, with delight,
They would run, they would frolic, they would play hide and seek,
Pretending there were tigers, or black wolves chasing them to the creek,
Where ducks used to swim, this froze in the winter, turning it into a lake,
They used to skate on this lake to their heart’s content, no mistake,
The highest trees Dawn would climb, she always got the best view,
Miles and miles of magnificent scenery, as only Nova Scotia knew.

If you’re like me and in awe of this poetic masterpiece, this is simply the icing on the cake.  Have a look for more of her inspiring and amusing poems on Facebook – The Poetry of Thelma Thompson.

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