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Weaving words worldwide


About Dawn


I have always been a writer. It’s just that, as with a lot of careers, it took some gentle prodding from my intuition before I saw the light globe and realized this was the path I wanted to be on.

It wasn’t until after I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree when I found my true calling. Craving adventure and eager to set aside university books, I set off to travel the world and following a year of exploration and volunteering in Costa Rica, the call to write and share my story was strong. Well, more than strong, it was intense. And as a result of a big dose of passion, determination and networking, my first magazine article was published in 2002, on the mighty giants of the sea, the leatherback sea turtles.

This has led me on an incredible journey to make writing my career. My time in journalist shoes has revolved around working as a columnist, an advertising features writer and a relief journalist while living in Australia for six years.

Then, finding myself plonked on the wild and wet shores of B.C. with my husband for a stint of Canadian living, I became a regular contributor to The Pique newsmagazine and the Whistler Question, as well as The Chief newspaper in Squamish. I have also had articles published in The Province, The Vancouver Sun, Mountain Life Magazine and Whistler the Magazine.

Nowadays I call Tasmania home, the land of mountains, beaches and surprising wildlife and landscapes.

My writing is diverse and that’s what I love about it, and the amazing people and adventures I stumble upon along the way. I cover travel, sustainable living, environment and community tales. Whether it be the plight of red-legged frogs or a piece on snowshoeing in Whistler, I love weaving words and making new connections through my work.

Dawn in the driver’s seat, a journalist in the making.

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