Dawn Green – Writer

Weaving words worldwide


Select Newspaper articles

Pique Newsmagazine

  • Lending a hand – Feature story: Giving from both the heart and soul, our vivacious volunteers are an essential support for our ever-evolving communities – April 2013
  • The power of nature – Feature story: Ecotherapy challenges us to explore the inner landscape of our minds through the rekindling of our connection with the earth – January 2013
  • Irrepressible Howe Sound – Feature story: An enigmatic fjord swirling with the after-effects of industrial activity and shining with remarkable comebacks of nature – September 2012
  • Gone but certainly not forgotten – Dispatches story: Plane crash site resurrected to honour five dead in 1953 doomed mercy flight – August 2012
  • The call of the wild – Feature story: Youth power up on the pipeline debate — embarking on a cross-cultural canoe journey along the proposed super tanker route which is to slice through the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest – August 2012
  • Learning to live with natural disasters – Feature story: In the Sea to Sky corridor there is a constant threat of landslides, floods and earthquakes. Are we doing enough to prevent a natural disaster? – July 2012
  • Beating the Clock – Feature story: a behind-the-scenes look at the madness and magic of the 72 hour Filmmakers Showdown – April 2012
  • Lost and Found – Feature story: Whistler Search and Rescue – 40 years of unwavering dedication to saving souls in the mountains – March 2012
  • He’s been carving a living – March 2012
  • Architectural excellence awarded – Feb. 2012
  • Great Bear Rainforest Youth Paddle – Jan. 2012
  • Falcon drops in on Squamish – July 2012


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